About TGS 2016

The GRIHA Summit 2016 was a landmark event that involved hundreds of community members. This was a four-day event that took place between 16th and 20th February (Tuesday - Saturday) 2016 at India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi.

Featuring eminent speakers, unmatched networking opportunities, exhibition of green building products (on 18th-19th February), GRIHA workshops (for about 40 professionals from 16th- 17th February and for students on 17th February, i.e. GRIHA Trophy at NASA), and tour of green buildings (on 20th February), the GRIHA Summit offered a platform for hundreds to meet and renew their commitment to the green movement.

It proved out to be a valuable opportunity for leaders across the nation and around the world to discuss about how our cities manage vital issues ranging from climate change to income equality. This was truly a 'must-attend' event for working professionals ranging from chief strategic officers to architects who are engaged in vital urban issues.

The 4-day GRIHA Summit served as a platform for knowledge sharing among different domains of the green building industry. It also facilitated multi-stakeholder partnerships and networking among governments, academia, civil society organizations and professionals from different disciplines such as architecture, engineering, and construction management.

The Summit brought together experts from the industry, financers, policy makers, decision makers, buyers and sellers in a bid to develop and drive new initiatives, provide insights, showcase sustainable product development and green business opportunities. It also facilitated interaction among entities from all over the world in order to elicit practical applications that are most relevant to India at this juncture.

The conference theme was 'Cities of the Future' and the sessions were designed around enhanced efficiency of built environment both at the city and building level. In addition to the plenary session in which several eminent speakers were invited to address the audience, key sessions around feasibility of smart cities in the Indian context, architectural design and technology for efficient buildings and hands on activity workshops for students and media were also conducted during the GRIHA Summit 2016.

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